Prince George’s newest Dance Studio is pleased to offer a variety of programs for all ages and calibers. From the recreational to the highly competitive student, our programs are designed for consistent progress from highly accredited and award winning teachers. In our new facility, students and parents can enjoy a family friendly and positive atmosphere. Students are grouped based on a combination of age, ability, and teachers’ discretion.

Offering Instruction in Competitive and Recreational Dance:


We teach the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Syllabus. The student will acquire the foundations of proper alignment, strength, flexibility, coordination and musicality. Our classes are focused on learning proper technique, whilst in a fun environment. RAD exams will be offered annually. We teach a variety of levels from toddler and up (Little Bear Feet, Melody Movement and Foundation Ballet are the levels prior to students entering the RAD stream). At DYHO, students can begin RAD ballet classes at the Pre-Primary level the year they start kindergarten. Students can continue through both graded and vocational streams of dance. Ballet classes are mandatory for all competitive dancers. Dancers (Grades 1 and up) who wish to be invited to participate in Spring RAD exams must be enrolled in 2 ballet classes/week from September to May.

Melody Movement (Tiny Ballet)

Melody Movement introduces children to dance and movement using the natural actions of the body such as running, walking, jumping, hopping, skipping and galloping. It is a structured syllabus to aid children’s physical development, coordination, spatial awareness, creativity and self-expression, working individually, with a partner, or as a group. Melody Movement also introduces children to other fundamental curriculum learning skills such as counting, colour and shape recognition, vocabulary and language skills. The strength of the system is that learning is achieved through imaginative movement which is enjoyable and fun.

Melody Bear, the loveable teddy, is the focal point of the Melody Movement classes. Her songs, tunes, pictures and stories create a magical world of dance for preschool girls and boys.

At DYHO, Melody Movement students must be potty trained and  may start the year in which they turn 3.


We teach the CDTA (Canadian Dance Teachers Association) tap syllabus. Tip-Tap-Toe is the level prior to student entering the CDTA stream. Students will be introduced to the fundamental steps and rhythms of tap dancing. Classes will incorporate technique work, progressional steps across the floor, and combinations. We offer a variety of levels for the preschooler and up, with the opportunity for students to participate in exams.


An expressive combination of ballet and jazz (as well as modern for the older students). This class allows the dancer to portray emotions and explore interpretation through flowing movements set to lyrical music. Lyrical is an excellent method for fostering self-confidence and self-esteem in a dancer. Students must have completed at least one year of prior ballet training and be currently registered in a ballet class at the Grade 2 level or above.


A unique form of dance, a new style of technique for the intermediate dancer and up. This form of dance allows the student to explore their own personal interpretations of music and choreography. Along with the students’ other classes, the dancer establishes their own distinct style. Contemporary students can start the year they enter grade 4 and must also be enrolled in a ballet or jazz class.


We teach the CDTA Jazz syllabus. A fun, upbeat class geared towards working on moderate to complex step patterns, progressions and styles. Students will gain strength, flexibility and coordination. We offer a variety of levels from the year they enter grade 1 and up with the opportunity for students to participate in exams.

Hip Hop

This high energy class “breaks down” the latest dance moves from the coolest videos and movies. Hip-Hop students can start the year they enter kindergarten, but an introduction for younger students is available in Jazz-Hop.


This class combines Jazz and Hip-Hop. Mini Jazz-Hop students can start at preschool age.


We teach the British Association of Teachers of Dance (BATD) Syllabus. Traditional steps and dances will be taught. Students will be offered a variety of opportunities for competition and exams. We also offer recreational stream. DYHO students can begin Highland the year they enter kindergarten.


We teach the CDTA Acrobatics syllabus. A combination of dance and floor routine gymnastics. Students will gain strength, flexibility and learn new tricks. Students can begin acro the year they enter grade 1, students in grade 4 and up require 1 year experience.

Teen Classes

We offer Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Highland for grade 8 and up. For detailed descriptions please see the above genres.