Studio Policies

Dance Your Hart Out dance studio adheres to the highest standards of conduct to create a professional and welcoming environment for all our dancers to excel regardless of age, experience or physical abilities.

  1. The only attitude shown at dance is a positive one.
  2. Zero tolerance for cliques and bullying.
  3. Open communication is key to a happy studio.
  4. Recital will showcase the entire studio, dance festivals and competitions are by teacher’s invitation. *Dancers wishing to be invited to participate in dance festivals must be enrolled in at least one ballet class.
  5. Ballet dancers in Grades 1 and above who wish to be invited to participate in Spring RAD exams must be enrolled in 2 ballet classes/week from September to May.
  6. Class Placement is based on a combination of age, ability, and teachers’ discretion.
  7. Attendance is essential for technical development.
  8. Watch week will be announced two weeks prior on the studio bulletin board.
  9. Please use the washroom before class. For necessary washroom breaks during class a buddy system will be implemented for children 6-10. Parents of ‘mini’ classes are asked to sign up for a volunteer day once per session. (sign-up sheet on bulletin board)
  10. Food, gum and watches are not a part of dance class.
  11. Cellphones should be turned off or on silent and should remain in your bags with your ipods/ mp3 players.
  12. Teacher’s will have student contact information on hand at all times. Please ensure that your child’s emergency contact information is up to date and that we are aware of any medical concerns.
  13. A fire extinguisher and first-aid kit are kept in the studio.
  14. Dancers are expected to be prepared (see class requirement handout), punctual and respectful.
  15. Privacy and confidentiality is very important to our studio. All student’s personal information will be kept secured.

DANCE SEASON: When registered in a class, students remain in that class from September to the middle of June where we conclude our season with our year end recital performances, which include all of our regular season classes. Exact location and dates are TBA. Recital costume fees will be charged on February 1, 2023. Please note that we require 30 days written notice through email at [email protected] for any withdrawals.

We DO NOT adjust for any missed classes or school holidays (Christmas and Spring breaks are taken into account for monthly fees). Monthly fees are based on a total of 34 weeks of classes throughout the season & charged on average PER month within the first few days of each month. It is the Parent’s/Student’s responsibility to make up any missed classes within two weeks if out of town or have stayed home sick. Please email the studio for a possible make up class option at [email protected] Please note that we are open on all School Pro-D-Days and closed Friday to Monday on all long weekends/Statutory Holidays. An emailed WITHDRAWAL NOTICE is required 30 days in advance if a student will be dropping a class for any reason. WE WILL NOT PRORATE FEES AFTER THE FACT EXCEPT FOR ILLNESS EXPLAINED WITH A DOCTOR’S NOTE. Please also note: registration is ongoing throughout the season until February 1, 2023 for adding new classes or new students.

Please call the studio at 250-565-5062 or contact us through email at [email protected] for further questions regarding registration. Our main form of communication is through email at [email protected]. Please also note our email/messages reply policy is 5 business days.

Class placement is based on age, ability and teacher discretion.

ZERO SYMPTOMS POLICY: DYHO is a ZERO symptoms studio where everyone entering our space is expected to do a daily health check and NOT enter with any symptoms. We ask that if you or a member of your family have been sick and/or display symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 symptoms or ANY other illness, including but not limited to fever, cough, sore throat, diarrhea, nausea/vomiting, running nose/nasal congestion, headaches, fatigue, muscle aches, loss of appetite or difficulty breathing are restricted from entering the studio or attending classes. Parents will be asked to pick up their dancer if ANY symptoms are displayed at any time by their teacher or manager. Regular hand washing/sanitizing will continue to be encouraged as per our signage displayed as well as high touched surfaces wiped down between classes and twice a week deep cleaning maintained by a professional custodian.

*We strictly adhere to the guidance of the BC Centre for Disease Control and will update as per their recommendations if the need arises.

SAFE STUDIO: DYHO is happy to be able to offer quality dance classes to the Hart and surrounding areas of our community. That being said, we are also a smaller studio with limited staff. Due to security reasons our studio doors are locked during class times to ensure safety for all of our students and teachers.

PARKING AND SAFETY DROP OFF AND PICK UP POLICY:  As we strive to keep our studio as healthy as possible please note that we continue to have a safety drop off/pick up only policy (with the exception of our toddler with parent Little Bear Feet session classes)

Parents/Guardians are asked to park in our main parking lot parallel to the Hart Highway (NOT our side/staff only parking area) and walk (or drop off for older dancers) your dancer to and from our main entrance doors on the far right side of our studio area to meet their teacher. Teachers ensure that all dancers 10 years and under have connected with their adult at the conclusion of classes.


RECITAL PERFORMANCE: All dancers (excluding LBF toddler with parent classes) are invited and encouraged to participate in our two recital performances this season including a Christmas Recital and Year End Recital/s. Exact dates, locations & ticket information is TBA.