Covid 19 Protocols

Health and Safety protocols for DYHO studio operation
during the 2020-2021 season

We ask that you familiarize yourself and your dancer with these before registration as we expect ALL our families to follow the guidelines below. Each family is encouraged to make their own decision about coming to the studio – please make the decision that you feel comfortable with and that is best for your family. Your health and safety are important to us. We are looking forward to more normal times again, but until then our adherence to this policy will allow our studio to remain open and provide a safe and healthy environment for our dancers.

Please contact the office at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns with the protocols for DYHO.

Prevention steps as advised by WorkSafe BC:

  1. ENTERING the building for ALL CLASSES:
    ● Entrance and exit signs are posted on our main doors.
    ● Drop off / pick up only policy with NO PARENTS entering the building.
    ● Wait outside the main entrance until your teacher greets you at the door.
    ● Leave all outdoor footwear on shoe racks in the middle of the mudroom.
    ● Upon entering, ALL students must use hand sanitizer OR wash their hands.
    ● Students proceed to marked areas in the hallways outside of each studio.
  2. ENTERING & EXITING the studio rooms:
    ● Teachers will invite students into each room following directional arrows.
    ● Dancers will place all belongings in marked spots on shelves in each room.
    ● Teachers will direct students to exit studios following directional arrows.
  3. EXITING the building for ALL CLASSES:
    ● Dancers will be dismissed to their parents at the main entry doors.
    ● Please be prompt in picking up your children.
    ● Dancers 10+ will be dismissed to vehicles. Dancers 9- must be picked up by a parent at the door.
    ● Dancers who have a gap between classes longer than 15 minutes will need to be picked up and returned to the studio for their next class.
    ● No one will be allowed to congregate/socialize in the waiting room/hallway.
    ● Dancers should arrive at the studio dressed, with the belongings they need for each class. No personal items are to remain at the studio overnight.
    ● Washrooms will be available for dancers, but please remember this is a small space with a limited capacity.
    ● The office is closed to in person business. Please contact [email protected] for payment or administration needs.
    ● We endeavor to maintain social distancing at the studio. Studios are measured with 6×6 feet spaces for our dancers to space themselves in. Barre space is also marked off. However, some genres move more than others and some ages are better at maintaining distance requirements. We are all learning to adhere to these expectations, however it may be difficult to maintain this 100% of the time.
    ● Facemasks are by teacher / family discretion and all are welcome to wear them.
    ● Hand sanitizer is available in our entrance area, hallway, studios and office and used frequently. Dancers may bring their own hand sanitizer if preferred.
    ● Frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected in between classes with hospital grade disinfectant. Floors will be cleaned daily or after a barefoot class.
    ● The studio will be deep cleaned twice a week by a professional custodian.
    ● Dancers should sneeze/cough into their shirt/arms and refrain from touching one another or sharing any personal items.
    ● Dancers are asked to bring ONLY the items they need for class.
    ● Only healthy staff members (symptom free) will teach classes on site.
    ● Do NOT bring a child to class if they have any of the following symptoms: cough, sneeze, fever, stomach ache, body aches, sore throat, chest congestion, rash, diarrhea, vomiting.
    ● Do NOT bring a child to class if a family member has any of the above symptoms.
    ● Alert the studio if your child has been tested for or diagnosed with COVID-19 AND has been at the studio in the previous 14 days.
    ● Any dancer with a suspected fever may be asked to have their temperature taken with a touchless thermometer. Anyone with a temp above 37.6 degrees C will be isolated and wait for a parent to pick them up.
    ● Attending Via Zoom may be possible – please consult with the office.
    ● Do NOT break any formal quarantine, WorkSafe BC protocol / restrictions.

Protocols updated August, 12, 2020.
Subject to change.